UML activity diagrams with Graphviz

UML activity diagram rendered with Graphviz
Activity diagrams are somewhat doable with Graphviz, they just don’t look very nice, some straight edges would be great. And especially, only new versions of Graphviz support that tailport thing… code and rendered result above.

digraph untitled {
edge[fontsize="11" arrowhead=open]
start[shape=circle, label="", style=filled]
end[shape=doublecircle, label="", style=filled]
action1[shape=box,style=rounded, label="action"]
action2[shape=box,style=rounded, label="action"]
action3[shape=box,style=rounded, label="action"]
if1[shape=diamond, label="decision"]
if2[shape=diamond, label="decision"]

start -> action1
action1 -> if1[headport=n]
if1 -> action2[label="condition" tailport=w]
if1 -> action3[taillabel="condition" labeldistance=2.5 tailport=e]
action2 -> if2[headport=w]
action3 -> if2[headport=e]
if2 -> end[taillabel="condition"]


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