Reporting research: the way of the future

I recently uploaded a paper to the arXiv, “a highly-automated electronic archive and distribution server for research articles”. I think something like this really makes sense. It makes reporting research effective and reliable, which I believe encourages getting things done: research, report – in your own pace. Then you can start looking ahead, like finding a place to present and discuss your work – or do more research. But don’t let considerations of where and when to place your work hold you off from writing a report. And it seems that the arXiv’s author endorsement and moderation system, in connection with the wide and permanent visibility of papers (which raises one’s inhibitions as an author), results in a quality control roughly comparable to other, classical publishing models, at much lower cost. Its the way of the future: openly accessible, long-term preservable digital knowledge repositories, which will still be around in a future with archaeologist-programmers (the ones digging real code, not coding real digging).


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