Google Summer of Code 2010 at Eclipse

The Google Summer of Code 2010 is on and once again, Eclipse has been accepted as a mentoring organization. If you want to contribute to Eclipse, build a great project, and get more involved with the Eclipse community – all as a summer job paid by Google – then check out the ideas page and apply.

I was a SOC student at Eclipse last year and it has been an awesome experience! After completing my project, I wanted to create and spread some SOC swag and had stickers printed from the official Eclipse SOC logo. Since it was the first time I did this, after sending multiple different sizes of the logo, the sticker shop gave up on me and just sent me the double amount I had ordered, but uncut.

Hand-cut Eclipse Summer of Code stickers

So even after flooding both Ian Bull (my SOC mentor) and Gen Nishimura (the original logo creator) with real-world postal sticker spam, I still have plenty left! So if you’d like your own Eclipse Summer of Code stickers, hand-cut by a genuine Eclipse SOC student, just mail me your address, and I’ll be happy to ship you some.


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